Second 2 None Fitness

Sports Performance and Personal Training

Second 2 None Fitness is a human performance company that helps athletes and the general population obtain peak physical conditioning. Utilizing the engine, S2N founder Ryan Von Rueden will individually tailor a program for you based on your goals.  Using the same methods proven to work with top athletes and clientele for over 10  years.  Whether you are just trying to get in better shape or competing at the highest level of your sport, the program will be founded on time tested and results driven principals.

Ryan Von Rueden C.S.C.S.

ryanRyan is currently the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Kasey Kahne and Kasey Kahne Racing.  He has been training in the motorsports industry since 2006. Over the course of Ryan’s career he has worked with professional race car drivers in NASCAR, Indy Car, NHRA, Indy Lights, World of Outlaws, All Stars, and USAC. Ryan has also worked with traditional athletes at the college, high school, and middle school level.

Prior to becoming a strength and conditioning coach, Ryan obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, where he also played football.  After his football career, he coached football, basketball and track at the varsity level for high school as well as AAU.


Megan Carber, RDN LDN

mcarberMegan is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist who has dedicated her career and much of her life to helping others live healthier, longer and stronger lives through proper nutrition. Before relocating to Charlotte, Megan obtained her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics from West Chester University of PA. She has experience both as a Clinical and Outpatient Dietitian where she has taught a variety of patients and clients about proper nutrition to optimize their health and performance.

As a Dietitian, Megan is constantly looking for ways to better herself through research, training and certificates to be able to provide her clients with reliable, practical, and up-to-date nutrition counseling. She currently holds a Certificate of Training in Weight Management.

If you ask Megan why she became a dietitian, her answer is simple: to help people. A simple Google search for “Nutrition” yields millions of results, it can be confusing to sort through and find truth among all the misinformation. As your Dietitian, Megan will provide you with a personalized nutrition program to empower you to reach your individualized goals and provide you with the support, accountability and education to succeed.

Our mission at Second 2 None Fitness is to provide individuals with the knowledge, discipline, and training program to reach their potential physically and personally.  We accomplish this by using scientific, research based, training methods that are individually tailored to each clients personal goals.

At Second 2 None Fitness we are dedicated to developing each individual to their full potential.  Our primary goal is to increase fitness, injury prevention, mental toughness, self image, and over all understanding of fitness and nutrition.

Our programs transcend all aspects of training.  Programs cover the areas of:  core, balance, flexibility, functional training, medicine ball training, proprioception, swiss ball training, speed, agility, quickness, explosive training, Olympic weight lifting, bioenergetics related to individual sport, nutrition, and various other types of training.

Through the use of these tactics we have developed an all encompassing list of periodized, scientific research based programs.  These programs are specific to obtaining goals.  Whether you are just starting your first training program or a professional athlete we have a program that is right for you.

It is our belief that by providing a specific goal orientated program we will enable each individual to reach their fitness potential.  With positive reinforcement and a detailed structured program we will elicit self confidence and the mental fortitude to become Second 2 None in all of life’s ventures.